Chung-Ki Hong
                Department of Physics 
                Pohang Universirt of Science and Technology Pohang,
                Kyungbuk 790-784 Republic of Korea

                Phone   +82-54-279-2087
                Fax   +82-54-279-3099
                Office   Science Building 3 Room 329

        - 1977 : B.S. in Physics, SNU
        1979 : M.S. in Physics, KAIST
        - 1985 : M.S. in Physics, University of Rochester
        - 1988 : Ph.D. in Physics, University of Rochester

        - 1979~1982 Researcher, Korea Standard Laboratory
        - 1988~1990 Researcher, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

                Field of Specialization : Optics
        - Quantum Optics
        - Holography : Computer-Generated Hologram
        - Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer

                Major Publication
        - Nonclassical Photon Interference Effect, C.K.Hong, Z.Y.Ou and L.Mandel, "Photons and Quantum Fluctuations",
        eds. E.R.Pike and H.Walther (Adam Hilger, Britain, 1988)
        - Interference between a Fluorescent Photon and a Classical Field : An Example of Nonclassical Interference,
        C.K.Hong, Z.Y.Ou and L.Mandel, Phys.Rev., A37, 3006(1988)
        - Measurement of the Subpicosecond Time Intervals between Two Photons by Interference,
        C.K.Hong, Z.Y.Ou and L.Mandel, Phys.Rev.Lett., 59, 2044(1987)
        - Experimental Realization of a Localized One-Photon States,
        C.K.Hong and L.Mandel,  Phys.Rev.Lett., 56, 58(1986)

                Research Activities

        - Computer generated hologram using direct binary search method(POSTECH)
        - Optical non contact surface roughness measuring system development(POSCO)
        - Quantum efficiency measurement by photon pair experiment
        - Elecronic speckle pattern interferomenter development(RIST)